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Muscleskins was created to allow guys to look and feel good in swimwear that was designed to fit them individually.  Too many times you may go to a retail store and find that your size or color has been sold out.  Even if they do have your selection, it probably wasn't designed to fit you.  You're stuck with whatever the designer decided has the best appeal to a mass market.  Not all men are created equal.  Some guys are bigger than others.  Some guys want a tight form fitting design, some want a little more room up front for extra comfort.  Muscleskins was created to give every man the flexibility to determine their own best fit.  Unleash the SPANDEX ADDICT in you!  Muscleskins was created by guys like you, for you.

Personalized Customer Service

Welcome to Muscleskins!

As our products are highly personalized, so is our customer service.  From your initial contact to order shipping, I handle every part of your Muscleskins experience personally.  If you have any questions, I am always happy to answer them.  Don't be shy, I've heard it all before, and I have a sense of humor.

I know our products!  There isn't a design ever sold by Muscleskins that wasn't on my butt first.  Whether you're smaller than average or a silicone implanted monster, I will give you the advice to make sure this is your last stop in your swimwear or underwear search!

If you ever have any questions or comments regarding Muscleskins, I am always happy to assist you.

Sincerely, Jupiter


You'll find that Muscleskins designs can cover most of your swimwear and spandex fetish desires within the basic style types.  If you want something modest, you're probably on the wrong website.  Muscleskins are unlined and designed to fit snugly.  Choose from a variety of customizable front styles, side widths, and seat styles to build your swimwear or underwear just the way YOU want it!  All items are custom made in the USA on demand.  Please allow up to 7 business days for your order to be custom made and shipped. Other options are available upon request at an additional charge.  We will gladly offer custom designs in multiple fabrics for a two-tone or tri-color design.  We also offer other waist designs and seat modifications not shown on the website.  With your design and Muscleskins, the possibilities are endless!

Hours & Location

Genuine Muscleskins can only be purchased online at this website.  They are not sold in stores.  All items are produced in and shipped from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA.  Customer service and production hours are Monday - Thursday, 9am-5pm, and 9am - 3pm on Friday.