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Terms of Service

Custom Options

ADDITIONAL CHARGES  (Effective July 2018)

Offline custom requests (anything typed into the CUSTOM INSTRUCTIONS box), require more time to produce your order.  In order to service all clients in a timely manner, there will be a $2 service charge for all suits with 2 or more requests typed in the CUSTOM INSTRUCTIONS box, with the exception of a POF (Pattern on File, or Custom Pattern request), or DSO request.  These orders will still be allowed ONE more additional request at no extra charge.  If your order requires an additional charge, I will inform you when I confirm your order and send a separate invoice for the additional charges.  Your order is not conssidered as "placed" until this invoice is paid.  


HALF SIZES  To order an "in between waist size", order in the size you want the SEAT to be made.  In the CUSTOM INSTRUCTIONS box, type the sizes you want your waist to fit in between.  EXAMPLE:  To order a suit with a waist between medium and large, with a large seat, order size LARGE (for the seat), and type "M/L" in the CUSTOM INSTRUCTIONS box.

SEAT SUBSTITUTIONS  A larger or smaller seat pattern can be used with any waist pattern.  In the CUSTOM INSTRUCTIONS box, type the substitution seat needed.  EXAMPLE:  To order a LARGE waist, but a MEDIUM sized seat, order the suit in LARGE and in the CUSTOM INSTRUCTIONS BOX type "use M seat".  Please note that using a larger sized seat may require other modifcations on a case by case basis.


All Muscleskins suits are designed to be low rise.  In many cases, the rise may be altered to improve fit for your body type and fit preference.  Please note that these instructions are generalized and may be unavailable in some cases.  If you are unsure, please contact us before ordering.

POUCH RISE  The front rise can be lowered or raised up to 2 cm for most styles at no additional charge.  Any pouch rise change of 3cm or greater will require a custom pattern.  Please contact us for any pouch alterations beyond 2cm.  The Torpedo and Poser styles can only be raised.  Requests to lower Torpedo or Poser pouch heights will be disregarded.  Only requests in FULL centimeter incriments can be accepted.  EXAMPLE:  To lower the Pouch height on any suit by 1cm, type -1PH in the CUSTOM INSTRUCTIONS box.  To raise it by 1cm, type +1PH.  (PH indicates pouch height).  Note that these modifications are done as an "eyeball cut" and may vary slightly from suit to suit.  For more consistency, we suggest a full custom pattern.  Please note that raising or lowering pouch height may result in pouch WIDTH becoming wider or narrower... usually narrower.  If you require the same pouch width on your items, custom patterns are the best option.

SEAT RISE  The seat rise can be made lower or higher by request in full centimeter incriments.  The maximum recommended change is 3cm, but can be more in some cases.  EXAMPLE:  To raise the seat height by 2cm, type +2SH in the CUSTOM INSTRUCTIONS box.  To lower it by 2cm, type -2SH.  (SH indicates seat height)


"In between" seats are available by request.  If you want a seat "in between" two of our standard seat options, order the larger seat version and indicate the change needed in the CUSTON INSTRUCTIONS box.  EXAMPLE:  If you want a seat midway between a HALF-SEAT and RIO, order the HALF-SEAT and type "half-seat/rio" in the CUSTOM INSTRUCTIONS box.  Be sure to order the seat in the LARGER size, in this case, the half-seat!  If you order it as a Rio, your order will incur extra charges and will be delayed until resolved.  NOTE:  Full seat is the largest possible and RIO is the smallest.  Seats between a RIO and THONG are not available.

Please contact us if you need other seat modifications, charges may apply on a case by case basis.  STRING thongs are NOT available.


Custom pouch patterns are available for a charge of $5 per pattern and are subject to a fee of $3 per order on future orders.  This is a great option to give you the absolute best fit possible while maintaining the design integrity of the Muscleskins pouch styles!  NOTE:  Some larger pouch patterns may require an additional fee per item for excess fabric usage.  EXAMPLE:  We can reduce or enlarge the overall Poser pattern to give you a much better fit than simply adding or reducing pouch depth.  Pouch height adjustments greater than 2cm will also apply here.  Contact us for more info.


DSO (Drawstring only) Instead of the covered elastic waist, the DSO option can be substituted.  There is no waist elastic.  This gives more flexibility in fit and comfort.  Instead of elastic, a channel of fabric is sewn into the top of the suit which includes a drawstring.  The drawstring exits the front center of the suit through a V-notch and can be tucked inside or left hanging outside of the suit.  The waist channel can be the same color as the base suit, or a contrasting color.  The DSO option is not available on 3/8" suits, only 1/2" sides or greater.  The DSO option adds between 1 and 2cm to the overall side width.  To order the DSO option, order the base suit directly from the website.  In the CUSTOM INSTRUCTIONS box, type "DSO" if you want the suit and waist channel to be the same color.  If you want the waist channel to be a different color, type DSO-"waist color".  Example:  For a red suit with a yellow DSO waist, order the suit in RED and in the CUSTOM INSTRUCTIONS box, type "DSO-YELLOW".  The DSO option adds $7.00 to the price of any suit.  Once we receive your order, we ill send you a separate invoice for the DSO upcharges.